External FAQs

The following provides an overview of some of the typical questions we get asked at the interview stage by candidates.

Where do I sign my contract?

Your contract should be signed at the HR Office at 34T, Hoang Dao Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi in order that HR can confirm your documentation and ensure that everything is signed correctly. We appreciate that this might not always be the most convenient option for employees, but it has been shown that coming to the HR Office once and getting everything done is better than having to make multiple appointments due to something being missed.

You should sign your contract before your actual start date.

Will I get a copy of my contract?

Yes, LLV will provide you a full stamped and legal contract copy. If you are working in a Public Centre (Dai Co Viet, Hoang Dao Thuy, Yen Phu, Tran Quoc Hoan), in most cases HR will send your contract via the internal courier to the Scheduler at the Centre. You can collect it from them.

If you are working in the Schools Link program, HR will send Teachers' contract to the Schools Link schedulers based at 34T Hoang Dao Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi

If you are working for Schools Elite, it will be sent to the office for collection.

Health Insurance

What Health Insurance does LLV provide?

LLV has a comprehensive Health Insurance policy for Full-Time teachers. We also issue a Vietnamese State Medical card, which is a legal requirement and provided by the State.

What is Direct Billing for Health Insurance?

Direct Billing occurs when doctors/hospitals send your bills straight to the Health Insurance provider for payment, rather than having you receive the bills and file the claim. However, it doesn't eliminate the need for you to pay costs that aren't covered by your insurance agreement.

When does the Health Insurance policy cover Direct Billing?

For hospitalisation (In-Patient) treatment only and the following hospitals only:

  • French Hospital

  • Hong Ngoc Hospital

  • Thu Cuc Hospital

  • Vinmec International Hospital

  • Medlatec Hospital

  • Dong Do Hospital

  • Ha Thanh Hospital

  • For hospitalisation (In-Patient) treatment in other hospitals, you pay your bills and LLV will help to reclaim.

What is an Out-Patient Check/Visit?

An Out-Patient check/visit is when you go to a hospital to have a checkup or treatment without staying in the hospital. You will get reimbursed based on the Insurance policies for Out-Patient services.

How much am I covered for Out-Patient visits?

Per the insurance policy, you will get a reimbursement of up to 4,000,000 VND per visit for a maximum of 5 visits per year.

What is the State Health Insurance?

State insurance is compulsory for all employees, and is provided by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health.

How much does State Health Insurance cover?

It normally covers 80% of your medical bills at the registered medical provider. For some special health checks/health care elements, it covers based on the State Insurance Company's regulations, which may be different to 80%. This may be for special tests or treatments.

Work Permits

How do I get a Work Permit?

To get you a Work Permit, LLV will need you to do following things:

  • Go to the relevant Embassy to get your Degree, Teaching Certificate and Police Check legalised/authorised/notarised/Certified True Copy.

  • Submit documents to HR.

  • HR will arrange an appointment for you with a hospital for a Health Check. This is mandatory for all employees in Vietnam. You need to inform HR of your availability.

  • In situations where you don't have a Police Check from outside Vietnam, it is possible to get one from Vietnam:

    • Firstly, get a Landlord Form (Residential Stay Permit) from HR.

    • Get your Landlord to complete the form and register you with the local police department.

    • Submit the completed form to HR, who will then arrange an appointment for you with the Department of Justice to apply for a Police Check. In most cases HR will send someone to accompany you to the Department of Justice.

Why do I need to go to the Embassy and what do I have to do there?

To get you a Work Permit to work for LLV legally, you need to go to your Embassy or the Embassy of the country where your documents were issued to get your documents (Degree, Teaching Certificate and Police Check) legalised/authorised/notarised or to make a Certified True Copy.

Who shall I give my documents to after going to the Embassy?

You should bring your legalised/authorised/notarized/Certified True Copy documents to the HR Office or give them to a TRW Officer at your base location.

Do I have to pay for the services at the Embassy?

Yes, you have to pay for it yourself. It's mentioned on your contract. LLV sponsor all Full-Time teachers a Work Permit and Visa, but teachers are responsible for getting the required documents (Degree, Teaching Certificate and Police Check) notarized at the relevant Embassy and paying for that service.

The process for British Nationals, or people with certificates from British Institutions, is different as the British Embassy does not offer document legalisation services in Vietnam any longer. LLV has an agreement in place with a provider in the UK to help with this process.

Pay and Income Tax

When do I get paid?

Teachers will get paid on the 5th of every month. If the 5th falls on a weekend, you will get paid on next Monday (6th or 7th)

How does Personal Income Tax (PIT) work?

Taxable income/month

Taxed amount up to

Tax percent

Accumulated tax amount to be paid

First 9 mil



Free of tax

From 9 mil - 14 mil

5 mil


0m + 5m x5% = 250,000 VND

From 14 mil - 19 mil

5 mil


0.25m + 5m x10% = 750,000 VND

From 19 mil - 27 mil

8 mil


0.75m + 8m x15% = 1,950,000 VND

From 27 mil - 41 mil

14 mil


1.95m + 14m x20% = 4,750,000 VND

From 41 mil - 61 mil

20 mil


4.75m + 20m x25% = 9,750,000 VND

From 61 mil - 89 mil

28 mil


9.75m + 28m x30% = 18,150,000 VND


  • Gross salary: 41,525,000 VND

  • Taxed amount: 525,000 VND (the difference between 41,525,000 and 41,000,000)

  • Paid tax: 4,750,000 + 525,000 x 25% = 4,881,250 VND

  • Actual taxed percent: 11.75%

Tax level

Income  (VND)

Tax rate (%)






























What will I get for final pay if I break contract?

You will get your actual teaching salary and the remaining annual leave prorated until the last working day.

What will be deducted from my final payment if I break contract?

If you have received a reimbursement for your visa, flight etc. OR been the beneficiary of initial support services such as hotel, pick-up at airport etc. they will be prorated and deducted from your final payment.

Schools Link teachers will pay for lost materials and stationery as well.

What will I receive when I complete my contract?

You will get your actual teaching salary for the final month of employment, your Completion Bonus (if applicable), any untaken Annual Leave days and your Severance Allowance (if any).

Is Severance Pay payable on completing a 6-month contract and how is it calculated?

No, you don't. Teachers will get a Severance payment only for completion of at least a 12-month contract.

The severance allowance (if any) will be calculated as follows:

Severance = 1/2 * Average of final continuous 6 month's salary.

Guaranteed Hours

Full-Time Schools Link teachers are guaranteed 70 hours per month upon completion of their probation period of 2 months. If a teacher is given under 70 hours in a month, LLV will compensate for the difference (between their actual working hours and 70 hours) (except for May).

Full-Time Public Centre teachers, are guaranteed 70 hours for the first 11 months of the contract. In cases where at least 70 hours/month are not fully scheduled, the company still guarantees payment of the minimum monthly hours, but compensation hours will be deducted from any hours worked over the guaranteed minimum in the following months to make up the difference.

Full-Time Schools Elite teachers are guaranteed 60 hours per month upon completion of their probation period of 2 months. If a teacher is given under 60 hours in a month, LLV will compensate for the difference (between their actual working hours and 60 hours) (except for May).

Guaranteed hours are paid based on a teacher's base rate.

Bank account

LLV will assist employees with the opening of a bank account with a recognised international bank.

What do I need to open a bank account?

Once you sign a contract with LLV, we will provide your contract details to the bank. 

You will need to take your passport to the bank to collect your bank card and PIN number.

Where to live?

Does LLV help me to find accommodation?

For Overseas Hires, LLV will provide free accommodation for the first 10 days in a hotel (the hotel is provided by LLV). After 10 days, the employee will have to move out of the hotel (or pay for it themselves), and find a new place to stay. LLV can help with giving teachers contacts of some housing agencies and forums that advertise accommodation.

Does LLV pay for my accommodation or support my rental payments?

No, LLV just supports Overseas Hires and Non-Local Hires with free accommodation for 10 days.


Do I get a travel allowance?

The travel allowance that LLV provides is the Off-Site bonus. This allowance is added to a teachers hourly rate, and will be paid on the 5th of every month.

Teachers working in the Public Centres, do not receive a travel allowance.

How far from the base locations are the Schools Link schools?

Schools Link schools are located across Hanoi in Long Bien, Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Hai Ba Trung, Dong Da, Cau Giay, Nam Tu Liem, Tay Ho, Ha Dong and Hoang Mai districts, which are up to 10 kms from LLV locations.

Annual Leave and Sick Leave

One Paid Leave Day is counted at 3 hours for Full-Time teachers, and 1.5 hours for Part-Time teachers, and paid at the teacher's hourly base rate.

Can I book Annual Leave at any time during my contract?

Teachers can book AL based on their actual working hours, and at a maximum of 2 months in advance.

Teachers may not book AL during their Probationary period.

Schools Link teachers may not book more than 2 consecutive days leave.

Will I have to take Unpaid Leave if I take more than the allowed Sick Leave according to my contract?

After using all your SL, other SL days will be counted as AL (Schedulers will help to claim this). In you don't have any Paid Leave available in that month, your SL will be counted as unpaid leave.

Can I book more than 2 days in a month for my Personal Leave, such as wedding/funeral?

Employees can take fully paid leave for personal reasons as below:

  • Their own wedding: 3 days

  • Marriage of their child: 1 day

  • Death of their parents/child: 3 days

  • Other special leave will be approved by the Senior Line Manager. If employees wish to take more than the said days, they need to get approval from the Senior Line Manager (e.g. Academic Manager for Schools Link).