Online English training gives both teachers and learners the flexibility and the opportunity to access an education anywhere. However, it is also a big challenge for English teachers. Whether they have enough English teaching techniques to help their students absorb the lesson in the best way during online teaching. In today’s topic, we will give you 10 must-have tips while teaching online to help you become a good teacher. Let’s start!

Proving your level through certificates

This is the first step to being confident in your English teaching technique. You can demonstrate through a degree, certificate TEFL. Students will come to admire and respect their teacher when that teacher is a person of deep knowledge. To create a person’s trust in the first step so that they can believe in you without hesitation, learn everything from you, then you must have prior knowledge.

Carefully prepare online teaching equipment

Teaching English online must definitely have the support of online devices, right? Being well-prepared before class proves that you respect your students. Your class may be interrupted if your electronic devices lose signal. Interruptions can get in the way and cause your students to lose focus. Therefore, prepare an electronic device with a good network connection to make your online English teaching session go as smoothly as possible.

Increase English teaching techniques by using a variety of teaching methods

Increase English teaching techniques by using a variety of teaching methods

Increase English teaching techniques by using a variety of teaching methods

You can be judged as a teacher with poor English teaching techniques if your teaching method is limited to speaking and lecturing. Teaching in unconventional ways can bore your students. That’s why you should use a variety of English teaching methods if you want to be a good teacher with creative English teaching techniques.

You can liven up the atmosphere of the lesson with interesting songs and stories that are very relevant to the knowledge that your students have to learn. You can also create games to test learners’ English knowledge.

You know, when learners learn with the most comfortable mind, they will quickly absorb knowledge. Music, games or movies, stories are catalysts to help them change their emotions, increase the energy level to learn.

Always full of energy and enthusiasm when teaching English

Don’t teach with a moody state. Do you admit that, when you come into contact with someone, who spreads to you cheerful, positive energy, your mind will also become happy. And conversely, if you meet someone with a sad expression on their face, your emotions will also become sad, right?

It’s like when you teach English online. If you impart knowledge with a passionate energy to your learners, they will also join the class with enthusiasm. If both the teacher and the learner are very active during the English lesson, it will be extremely interesting and create unforgettable memories.

Always be patient with your students

Teachers’ language teaching skills or qualifications are not only judged by their knowledge, but also by how they treat their students. A good teacher always cares about their students. Understanding the personality and abilities of each of your students is an advantage when you want to be closer to your students and receive love and respect from them.

Sometimes, students may make mistakes, don’t understand the lesson or ask silly questions even though you have taught that knowledge many times. Do not rush to get angry or scold them. This only makes you and them further apart. Be patient and slowly re-explain that knowledge to them in more interesting and creative ways.

Maintain English teaching techniques with dynamic, practical lessons

Maintain English teaching techniques with practical lessons

Maintain English teaching techniques with practical lessons

Learning must go hand in hand with practice. The highly practical English content will make the lesson more engaging. Instead of just focusing on vocabulary and grammar, you can get your students talking more. Tell about themselves, their hobbies. Or ask them to tell you about a memorable memory, … You can also divide into groups to give English presentations about meaningful stories in life.

You can tell them inspirational stories, or your language learning process. Give them motivation and valuable experience in the process of learning English.

Provide students with the best platforms or resources to learn English online

There are countless free English communication platforms or English resources that you can recommend to your students. Their advantages and disadvantages. What is the best way to learn a foreign language? Sometimes it is difficult for learners to find resources to learn English online. Or there is so much material that they don’t know how to study.

As a teacher, you don’t just teach them knowledge like a pre-prepared textbook. You should share more with them. This will help you to be more appreciated by your learners and become a good teacher for them.

Give students the opportunity to communicate in English as much as possible

Give students the chance to communicate in English

Just listening to the teacher talk too much can easily make the learners feel bored. You can give up the stage to your students. Let them speak and practice English more. All you need to do is give them a method, materials and valuable comments to help them develop their English skills.

Create forums and communities to exchange English knowledge

Don’t think that you’re just an English teacher in your class. Whether outside of that class or in real life, you will still be their teacher. A good teacher is not only good at English teaching techniques, but also a teacher who is enthusiastic with students.

You can create forums, groups to learn English on social networking sites. This forum will help students exchange knowledge with each other outside of school hours. If anyone has an English question that they don’t understand, they will write it here for everyone to give advice.

This community will always help, connect with each other. And who knows, it also helps you to expand your relationships and bring more opportunities to learn English online, increasing your income in the future.

Acknowledge students’ feedback to improve English teaching techniques

A review from someone can help you figure out what your strengths are. What skills do I need to improve? Anything in life, receiving comments from someone whether positive or negative will also help us in our personal development journey.

Do you want to be a good teacher? Do you want to improve your English teaching techniques? Receiving feedback from students through each class really helps you more than you think.

Reviews show what they really think about studying with you. Through that, you also know that students find they like to learn your teaching methods the most. The parts of knowledge they find most interesting. What English skill do they find the most boring?

You can also ask your students to take a survey after each class session. Through those surveys, you can summarize what you need to improve when teaching English to them. Only then can you upgrade your English teaching techniques and become the most respected online English teacher by students.

The above article summarizes 10 best ways to help you master English teaching techniques. From there, become a good teacher. It also sets you apart from other online English teachers, get more attention. Thereby, there are more job opportunities to increase income for life.

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