Job Description



Director of Public Business and Oversea Study services (DoPB&OS)


Start Date

October/November 2019


Monthly Remuneration and benefits

Monthly salary: ~Negotiable


Job Description



The DoPB&OS reports to the General Director, and manages the Public, and Overseas Study businesses, including financial performance and targets, marketing department, activities and performance of each public centre, sales and customer services, academics, and business development.


The DoPB&OS detailed responsibilities are as follows:

  • Efficiencies – optimize the cost structure, spending plans, and strategic planning process

  • Revise internal reporting and create a sound reporting system for the business areas

  • Improve processes and create staff performance measures across marketing, sales, customer services, academics and service provision

  • Draw up financial plans, budgets, objectives, goals and leadership plans

  • Responsible for revenue, growth and profitability of LLV Public and OS

  • Ensure the business is digitally efficient, and up to date, in both reporting, and in the services provided to our clients.

  • Assist in the strategic planning and thinking of LLV.

KPIs & Measures

  1. Meet net revenue and profitability targets of the businesses.

  2. Implement international standard business KPI reporting, within the company’s departments and to BOD.

  3. Review and improve business planning.

  4. Improve brand differentiation of the company.

  5. Improve business line integration, leveraging and cross – selling.


Line Manager & Reporting:

  • Line Manager: General Director

  • Report to the General Director and work closely with other BOM members on any activities and events that impact on business lines.

  • Report to General Director at regular agreed intervals in an agreed format.

  • Receive reports on Public and Overseas Study businesses from Operations Departments, Sales, Marketing, and other Departments as required.


Reporting Frequency:

  • Report to General Director: Monthly

  • Receives Reports from Business lines: Weekly and Monthly, as required.



  • Candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field.

  • At least five years of professional experience in senior management, working in education management is preferred.

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Strategic thinking, excellent communication and quality orientation