Language Link Thanh Hoa is looking for a small number of teachers to join its brand new centre, opening very soon.

Senior Teacher  – Duties & Responsibilities
Job Description
Academic Consultations
Consult potential customers about LLV academics-Meet current customers to advise them on curriculum, academic matters, and new LLV products
Attend center events-Attend outside events/activities 
Standard Teaching Responsibilities
Teaching the provided syllabus using ESL methods
Administering mid-term and final tests 
Participating in monthly training workshops and meetings 
Attending parent-teacher meetings
Regular communication with our office
Participating in retention activities (Halloween, Christmas etc.)
Deputy AC Responsibilities
In addition to contact hours, the Senior Teacher is responsible for providing assistance with non-teaching duties, of which the main areas are outlined below. These duties reflect a general responsibility for the overview and improvement of the School [including e.g. exams, pacing guides & resources as appropriate]. These responsibilities are to be conducted in coordination with and under the direction of the Academic Manager (AM). 
Answer basic questions about lesson planning, classroom management strategies, supplementary materials etc
Direct teachers to resources, such as pacing guides, CDs, supplementary resources, etc.
Answer questions about Parent Meetings, tests, first classes, and last classes
Show teachers how to input data into spreadsheets
Answer protocol questions regarding PT
Be familiar with LLV policies and able to answer basic questions or refer teachers to the appropriate person
Connect teachers with an appropriate staff member for disciplinary issues with students
Help organize and maintain Teachers’ Room resources
Contribute to development projects as necessary
Contact AC in emergencies
Perform emergency cover if necessary
Assist the AC with inductions and training of new staff as required as well as ongoing teacher training
Perform regular informal, development observations as well as formal observations for teacher performance review purposes
Conduct Sharing Sessions and Workshops when requested by AC
Material design for ECA activities when/if required
Working Hours
The ST reports to the Academic Coordinator (AC)
38 hours per week, 150 hours per month. The schedule will be at the discretion of the AC based on needs and be one of the following: Either: Thursday – Monday inclusive. Days off will be Tuesday and Wednesday
Or: Saturday – Wednesday inclusive. Days off will be Thursday and Friday.
Maximum 40 scheduled teaching hours per month, based on AC discretion. These classes would be scheduled during regular class schedules. Any teaching hours over 40 will be paid at agreed hourly teaching rate.
Weekday classes are scheduled within the hours 5:30pm-9:30pm while weekend classes are scheduled between the hours of 8:00am-6:00pm. 
Remaining hours will comprise Sales, Marketing and Deputy AC duties (see above) scheduled around Deputy AC’s regular classes.
Non-teaching hours will be formally agreed with the Sales Manager based on centre requirements.