Vietnamese Teachers in Classroom


Vietnam’s National Curriculum Teachers at Language Link (VNC Teachers)


About the VNC Programs  

VNC teachers are in charge of the following programs at Language Link Academic: TE, New YL, and New AE. 

  • The TE Program is designed specifically for good and very good teens, who wish to participate in English contests at different levels, obtain international English certificates or study in English-focused classes or schools for gifted students. This is an Integrated Program (combination of Vietnamese and Foreign teachers) which aims to:

– develop students’ knowledge in English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation;

– develop students’ listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in a wide range of contexts for social to more academic situations.

– familiarize students with different types of test questions, test format and test taking strategies for local tests to enter gifted/ elite schools; develop students’ various study skills, critical thinking, organizational and analytical thinking skills.


  • The New YL curriculum for primary school students is designed to accommodate the students’ age and developmental stage. The program helps students to…
  • develop communication in English; 
  • develop international test skills; 
  • develop literacy skills, esp. reading; and
  • develop grammar knowledge to deal with communicative demands and local tests.
  • be familiar with grammar rules which help them avoid fossilized errors at later stages of learning and using English.
  • develop fundamental self-study skills (using a dictionary, learning new words, learning grammar).
  • New Academic English (AE) Program aims at 15-18 years old students, students enrolled in Senior High School or older who plan to study overseas, or take the /IELTS tests and students toward the end of grade 9.

The objectives of the programs is to

– Help students develop English competence (language and skills) to deal with local English tests, especially the graduation and university entrance exam; and

– Helps students prepare for their academic English study at universities, including international English exams and study skills (writing, presentation/ debates, note taking) at higher education.

– Help students to develop an understanding of cross cultural communication to overcome difficulties in international institutes or programs and life abroad.



  1. Teaching and class management 
  • Develop lesson plans and further materials
  • Provide teaching of the VNC program(s) at certain time at LLV when required 
  • Be a covering teacher if required 
  • Expected teaching hours per month: 18
  • Provide assessment and reports on student performance throughout the course 
  • Work with the local Senior Teacher/Academic Coordinator and customer service team to address students’ behavioral, academic, and other related problems
  • Any other tasks relating to the students you are teaching, if required 
  1. Program Development and Improvement
  • Provide feedback to the local Senior Teacher about the materials, syllabi, pacing guides, etc.
  • Join and present at professional development workshops when required
  • Any other academic tasks if required 

Requirements and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with English as Major
  • Strong expertise and experience in teaching primary, secondary or/and high school students is favourable
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines 


  • Teaching rate: 200.000 – 330.000 VND
  • Scholarship: 50% discount for one English course at LLV for collaborator’s children for every 150 teaching hours and 50% Celta course fee upon satisfactory assessment requirements.
  • Bonus: 6.000.000 VND at the end of a one-year contract (applied for at least 150 teaching hours per one-year contract without any warning)
  • Attend regular training workshops/courses for continuing professional development