Vietnam is famous for its 3200 km long coastline. Therefore, it is not too strange to see foreigners coming to Vietnam to travel or live in Vietnam. Watching the sunrise over the sea, listening to the soothing sound of waves and the echoes of snails are really interesting. And what could be more wonderful than lying down on the sand and sunbathing. Let’s explore Vietnam with a list of 6 famous beaches that you can’t miss!

Famous beaches, attracting tourists of Vietnam

Blue sea, white sand, sunshine. The words are soothing and always make us feel at peace. The sea is an indispensable healing medicine when someone is lost in the middle of life. Or feel sad, lonely. The sea is like cool drops of water that soothe the heat of summer. The sea is where people come to relax, to share their feelings in the vast ocean. Or a place to make people happy. That’s why people always look to the sea to immerse themselves in that cool water.

Every year, Vietnam welcomes tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world. And the interesting thing is, the places with the sea are their favorite places. If you are a foreigner living and working in Vietnam. Or are you a tourist from another country. And have passion, love for the sea. Let’s take a look at the list of must-visit beaches below.

1. Ha Long Bay – Quang Ninh: Magnificent island north of Vietnam

Ha Long Bay - Magnificent island north of Vietnam

Ha Long Bay – Magnificent island north of Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is a small bay on the west coast of the Gulf of Tonkin in the Northeast Sea of Vietnam, including the island waters of Ha Long city in Quang Ninh province. Ha Long Bay has an area of 1,553km2 including 1,900 large and small limestone islands with very vivid shapes. The bay has been voted by UNESCO as a natural wonder of the world many times, and is known as a must-visit place once in a lifetime.

Ha Long Bay is every traveler’s dream destination. Everyone must admire the natural creation here if you have the opportunity to come here once.

Ha Long Bay is surrounded by sea and islands. There are many services for you to visit here. Especially the yachts. You can book a room on the yacht, sip a glass of wine and Vietnamese dishes. Just enjoy the sound of the waves. And admire the beautiful scenery and take pictures freely.
In addition, you can also participate in other interesting activities. Such as being out in the middle of Ha Long Bay and jumping into the bath. Or swimming and enjoying the fresh water. And diving to see diverse sea creatures.

You can visit this island in all seasons of the year. Regardless of the time, Vinh Ha Long has its own beauty

2. My Khe Beach – Da Nang: one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia

My Khe Beach - Da Nang: one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia

My Khe Beach – Da Nang: one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia

Located only 3km from the center of Da Nang city, My Khe beach is one of the destinations that captivates the “moving” enthusiasts. My Khe Beach is located on Vo Nguyen Giap Street, in Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District.

Dubbed one of the top 25 beaches in Asia, My Khe quickly became a destination attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. Not only that, My Khe beach also received special attention from the international press because of its charming beauty and charming water. Therefore, coming to Da Nang without visiting My Khe is really an unfortunate miss.

It not only attracts visitors by its clear blue water, calm sandy beaches or cool coconut trees. My Khe is also rated as one of the cleanest beaches in Vietnam. Besides, this place also concentrates a series of high-class hotels and luxury villas to best serve the resting needs of visitors.
You can go to My Khe beach to travel at many times of the year. However, the time when My Khe beach is most beautiful is probably still from April to September of the solar calendar. At this time, the sun is gentle and harmonious, the sea is calm. Extremely suitable for relaxation or participating in exciting outdoor activities.

3. Nha Trang beach – Khanh Hoa: One of the most popular beaches in Vietnam

Nha Trang beach - One of the most popular beaches in Vietnam

Nha Trang beach – One of the most popular beaches in Vietnam

Those who have ever had the opportunity to set foot in the coastal town of Nha Trang. Immerse yourself in the blue sea water. Lying on the smooth flat sand watching the clouds and sky. Enjoy the food, seafood along the sea road. Experience the freshness of coconuts. Or welcome moments of wonderful natural beauty, you will never forget this beautiful land.

The beauty of Nha Trang beach is like a magnet full of charm to fascinate visitors. Every time you look at the natural picture of this land, you will be so absorbed in admiring that you forget the time. Just fall in love with the ethereal and charming beauty of this coastal town. That is the magical and expensive gift that Mother Nature has given to Nha Trang.
Under the tropical sun, the blue color of the undulating mountains on the shore and the islands blends with the color of the sea. Like exalting the charm of the golden sands with white waves. At any time, you can immerse yourself in the cool sea water, enjoy diving or lying on the sand, build long-term buildings or relax with the beautiful and magical nature. There are many activities around this beach. Typically, skydiving, canoeing, surfing Or boating, running around to see the islands, diving corals, …
The main beach of Nha Trang City is located along Tran Phu street, which always attracts a lot of tourists to come and relax. Around Nha Trang beach area, there are many hotels and resorts for visitors to choose from, most of these accommodations have a direct view of Nha Trang beach, you only take a few minutes to walk at most. The property is to the beach.

4. Phu Quy Islands – Binh Thuan: Pearl island in the heart of the central region

Phu Quy Islands - Pearl island in the heart of the central region

Phu Quy Islands – Pearl island in the heart of the central region

If you have ever visited the famous sand beach in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, you must not miss Phu Quy Island. It’s a peaceful and pure island – is emerging as a bright star in the hearts of believers who love the blue sea.

Phu Quy is a small island district located in Binh Thuan province, about 56 nautical miles from Phan Thiet to the Southeast, it emerges as a bright pearl among a forest of other check-in locations because of its rare peaceful and rustic features. The same beautiful location is right on the shore of the poetic Trieu Duong Bay.
Therefore, the best time to come here is around April, May, and June.
The weather at this time is mildly sunny, the sea is clear and extremely calm, which will make the visit to the priceless “raw pearl” of Binh Thuan province more perfect and safe.

Not only can you relax under the gentle sunshine on this island but you can also explore the daily life and activities of the farmers in this island. They are industrious, spontaneous and especially very hospitable people.
The hotels, hotels or homestays on this island are also built in the style of floating on the sea. There are both single and double rooms. Dedicated service. Experiencing this island helps you become more relaxed and feel at peace in life.
Therefore, if you feel too pressured in life or work, you must definitely come here.

5. Vung Tau Beach: Beach close to Ho Chi Minh City

Vung Tau Beach - Beach close to Ho Chi Minh City

Vung Tau Beach – Beach close to Ho Chi Minh City

It only takes 3 hours to drive from Ho Chi Minh City. To be more specific, Vung Tau is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists every weekend or holiday. One of the most beautiful beaches in Vung Tau is definitely Ho Tram beach. This place with the murmuring blue sea waves, long white sand beaches and beautiful rocky beaches create a poetic scene. People here live by fishing, so coming to the beach early in the morning or late in the evening can partly understand their life.

With a clean blue beach without any trash, a fine white sand beach, rows of coconut trees swaying in the wind, and blue clouds of many shapes floating in the sky, Ho Tram beach is the perfect place. for vacation.

There are many luxury resorts around for you to choose from, the most prominent one is definitely Ho Tram eco-tourism area. In there, you will experience the feeling of luxury and be served very attentively and enthusiastically. In addition to the natural beach, there are also artificial beaches that are very interesting to experience.
In the early morning, you will have the opportunity to watch the sunrise, creating a very warm and pure scene. And when night falls, all the lights are off, fireflies will appear in the starry sky, creating a romantic and mysterious scene at the world’s second most beautiful Vung Tau beach.
Additionally, Vung Tau also has many delicious dishes. Especially fresh seafood that you can enjoy

6. Phu Quoc Beach: Resort paradise in Vietnam

Phu Quoc Beach - Resort paradise in Vietnam

Phu Quoc Beach – Resort paradise in Vietnam

Phu Quoc is one of the emerging resort paradises in Vietnam, Surrounded by the sea and islands. Hence, many people have to remember every time they come here. The sea sand here is not yellow like Nha Trang beach, or dark yellow turns brown like Vung Tau beach, but smooth white. Bai Sao is surrounded by two mountain ranges, bringing a quiet space. This place is a paradise of golden sunshine, blue sea and blue poplars swaying in the wind.

Along the Phu Quoc beach, there are quite a few resorts and hotels that you can come to this area to give yourself a complete vacation here. Along the beach, there are rows of coconut trees and poplar trees leaning towards the sea, as charming as a young girl standing in front of the wind.

Not only has a beautiful beach, Phu Quoc also has a unique Vinwonders amusement park. You can experience watching beautiful mermaids swimming here. Phu Quoc often rains from autumn to early spring. So if you come to Phu Quoc, you can consider going from mid-spring to early autumn.

So the above article has shared with you 6 most famous beaches in Vietnam. Hope you will have great experiences while staying in this peaceful country

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