Vietnam is one of the best markets with the high demand for English teachers. This country becomes attractive because of its low cost of living, stable income, friendly people and stunning landscapes. Before you intend to live and work as an English teacher in Vietnam, you should carefully find out the requirements to teach English here. It helps you make a plan to prepare well for the journey to find an English job in this place. Let’s find the article below to learn more about the most requirements to teach English in Vietnam.

What makes Vietnam so attractive to teach English

What makes Vietnam so attractive to teach English

What makes Vietnam so attractive to teach English

Living and working conditions are quite good

It can be seen that coming to Vietnam to live and work is quite easy from visa application to immigration procedures. If you have chosen a previous job, the company will help you with all visa procedures, work permits and all costs to help you come here.

As mentioned earlier, Vietnam has a very low cost of living and good salaries. It is not difficult for you to find a comfortable place to live with very low-rent.

Besides, Vietnam has many organizations wishing to recruit English teachers such as English centers, public schools, international schools, universities, etc. Although they have different recruitment methods, they all have certain general requirements to teach English.

If you are a native English speaker, well, you’ll probably be sought. Because mоѕt оf thеѕе ѕсhооlѕ are fосuѕіng оn ѕресіfіс ассеntѕ tо tеасh tо thеіr ѕtudеntѕ. Nevertheless, you should also have a certain degree and experience.

Culture and People

There are many delicious dishes in Vietnam that are on the list of delicious foods of the world. Vietnam also has a lot of public holidays and festivals all year round. It’s great for you to discover.

Vietnamese students alway eagers to learn and obey their teachers. The Vietnamese are extremely hospitable and friendly. You’ll find it easy to make friends with locals, who are very happy to explore your culture and share their own. Therefore, you will get beautiful memories with students, colleagues and people here.


Discovering lanscapes in Vietnam

Discovering lanscapes in Vietnam

If you are a travel enthusiast, there really is no better place than Vietnam. There are many beautiful scenes here that will not disappoint you. Convenient inter-city travel allow you make the most of your time and money to explore around Vietnam.

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4 Important Requirements to Teach English in Vietnam

4 Important Requirements to Teach English in Vietnam

4 Important Requirements to Teach English in Vietnam

TEFL/TESOL certification is the basic requirement to teach English

A valid teaching certificate (TEFL, TESOL, etc.) is one of the most important requirements to teach English in Vietnam. They prove that you have learned classroom skills to teach English. It helps you meet the most basic recruitment needs for English teachers. TEFL/TESOL are English pedagogical professional certificates with permanent international validity. They are widely accepted and become mandatory criteria at English centers.

If you still don’t have a TEFL/TESOL certificates, let’s sign up for courses organized by reputable training institutions right now.

A Bachelor’s degree in any subject

A degree is a very important requirement when you apply for a job. A Bachelor’s degree evidences that you have undergone a thorough study, took exams and had a good amount of knowledge as well. Good news for you that your bachelor’s degree doesn’t need to be in education, it can be in any subject. We’re sure that employers will be very welcome if your cv includes a Bachelor’s degree.

Work experiences and positive attitude

A Bachelor’s degree and certificates shows what you have learned, but does not prove who you are, what practical experience you have. Therefore, work experiences are so critical that sets you apart from other educators.

Some large English centers in Vietnam only consider a degree as a form of recruitment. The work experiences is what they pay attention to the most.

Work experiences indicates that you have familiarity with the work environment and an understanding of what employers expect. And since then, you become more mature, independent and confident in your English teaching career. Going through similar jobs before will also bring you better conceive the curriculum at English training institutions.

Remember, you change as you gain experiences and knowledges. Your skills, interests and can change. Everything around you is changing so fast, getting better every day. It makes your view of the world around also different. So, you need to learn more experiences to develop every day. Experiences demonstrates that you are always flexible and adapt well to new circumstances.

Moreover, always keeping a positive and friendly attitude can make you highly appreciated by employers. A teacher with a good attitude will also set a good example for their students.

Hence, a positive attitude is also one of the main requirements to teach English in Vietnam.

Adapt to Vietnamese culture 

Adapt to Vietnamese culture 

Adapt to Vietnamese culture

Cultural differences can make you difficult to integrate into Vietnam. You ought to learn about the culture here before looking for an English teaching jobs. Make sure that you can adapt quickly to the culture in the country where you work.

Culture shock creates frustration and fear for teachers who are unfamiliar with the current situations. You may have to give up work from it.

Therefore, many employers often tend to look for candidates with a strong, adaptable personality to ensure that they will not quit their teaching English job in a short time. It maybe wastes their organization’s time.

That’s why good alteration to the new culture is also a necessary requirement to teach English in Vietnam.

Finding out about the requirements to teach English in Vietnam is a necessary action. It helps you prepare well before looking for a teaching job here. Furthermore, you could know what you have and how it is suitable for the job positions.

Language Link Vietnam hopes that the above sharing is useful for you and wish you will find the best English teaching job in Vietnam.

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