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About Us

Established in 1975 in London, Language Link was founded with the mission of delivering top-tier English training programmes to elevate the educational and professional pursuits of learners.

With an unwavering dedication to teaching excellence, Language Link consistently implements timely enhancements across its teaching, testing, and competency assessment practices. As a longstanding member of the Association of English Language Schools and accredited by esteemed bodies such as the British Council and English UK, Language Link is renowned for its expertise in tailoring English teaching programmes and bespoke training solutions for students globally, spanning schools, colleges, universities, and beyond, through esteemed educational consultancy services.

As a member of Language Link International, Language Link Vietnam (LLV) has held the distinction of being one of the first international entities to offer English courses staffed by foreign educators in Vietnam since 1996. Over the past the past three decades, LLV has steadily evolved into a premier educational establishment for English language instruction within the country.

Guided by a commitment to perpetual innovation in response to the evolving needs of our students, LLV has realigned training objectives since 2015. In addition to fostering English communication proficiencies, the curriculum now places a heightened focus on empowering Vietnamese learners to master academic English, thus positioning them for stellar performance in school, national, and international examinations.

From this forward-thinking approach and steadfast objectives, the brand of Language Link Academic (LLA) was born. Courses under the LLA umbrella are meticulously crafted to nurture learners’ language competencies, encompassing both communication English and test preparation modules.

Language Link Vietnam continually endeavors to enhance our teaching quality and customer service, aspiring to become the premier institute for English training in Vietnam. We offer comprehensive English courses and personalized study plans tailored to the needs of all our students.

Benefiting from decades of international experience and a deep understanding of Vietnamese students, Language Link Vietnam has successfully pursued its mission to elevate the standard of English education. Our goal is to equip students with comprehensive English proficiency, enabling them to communicate fluently in daily interactions and effectively utilize English in academic and professional settings, both domestically and internationally.

Moreover, Language Link Vietnam plays a pivotal role in advocating for a holistic approach to English education in Vietnamese schools, actively collaborating with the Hanoi Department of Education & Training (DoET). Over the past 16 years, through our partnership with DoET, we have successfully organized the annual English Olympics for primary, secondary, and high school students, attracting tens of thousands of participants.

Language Link Academic (LLA), the English centre system, includes English language schools owned and operated by LLV itself or its partners in Hanoi and other cities. The entire system employs the same curriculum, learning materials, and unified standards to ensure a consistent learning experience and quality anywhere in Vietnam.

Schools Link from Language Link Academic (SL) is a special education project implemented in public and private school systems in Hanoi and Hai Dzuong to enhance the English learning experience and effectiveness for primary and secondary school students. SL has earned a reputable status and has been entrusted by dozens of schools over the past decade.

Corporate Link from Language Link Academic (CL) specialises in English language training for working adults, aiming to enhance qualifications for career advancement. CL’s projects at corporations, companies, colleges, and universities are tailored to maximise the effectiveness of English training, assisting in improving the English proficiency of the Vietnamese workforce.

Language Link Overseas Study (OS) merged into LLV in 2018 and has since become one of the prominent overseas study consulting and service brands in Vietnam.

Language Link Vietnam Cambridge Exam Centre, operated by the Corporate Link from Language Link Academic (CL), specialises in providing examination services and short-term exam preparation courses for educational certificates from the University of Cambridge. The centre is authorised by the University of Cambridge and has assisted hundreds of thousands of English learners all over the country in obtaining their desired certificates.