Not everyone has enough conditions and time to study and test for a driver’s license in a new country. According to the latest provisions of the law in Vietnam, foreigners can still convert to a Vietnamese driver’s license if they meet the requirements set forth. So what is that requirement? What is the conversion procedure? In this article, Language Link will instruct you how to convert driving license in Vietnam. 

I. Foreigners who are allowed to convert their driving licenses

Foreigners who are allowed to convert their driving licenses

Foreigners who are allowed to convert their driving licenses

When coming to another country to live and work, transportation is one of the very necessary and important needs. Vietnam is a country with a rather complicated traffic system. You can see that there are many means of transportation on the road such as motorbikes, cars, buses, … Motorcycles are currently the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam because of its convenience.

However, there are many foreigners who still do not know the traffic laws in Vietnam. And also wondering if it is possible to use a driving license abroad in case they meet the traffic police? The answer is no. Driving license abroad will not have any legal validity if you are living in the territory of Vietnam.

There are 2 ways for you to get a driving license in Vietnam when participating in traffic. That is taking the test to get a driver’s license like a Vietnamese. Or convert your driver’s license to a Vietnamese driver’s license. Most foreigners choose to convert driving license in Vietnam. So do you know if you are qualified to do this?

1. Conditions to convert driving license in Vietnam 

  • Foreigners residing, working and studying in Vietnam.
  • Having a diplomatic identity card, official ID card, temporary residence card, residence card. Or permanent residence card with a period of 03 months or more
  • Have a valid national driving license. If there is a need to drive in Vietnam, it will be considered to convert to drive license of Vietnam
  • Vietnamese people (Vietnamese nationality) during the period of residence. They study and work abroad. And they are granted a national driving license by a foreign country, with expiry date. If there is a need to drive in Vietnam, will be considered to change to the corresponding driving license of Vietnam.

2. Circumstances that are not allowed to convert driving license in Vietnam

Circumstances that are not allowed to convert driving license in Vietnam

Circumstances that are not allowed to convert driving license in Vietnam

Do not convert the driver’s license in the following cases:

  • Temporary foreign driver’s license;
  • International driving license;
  • Driver’s license of foreign, military, police has expired according to regulations. Or erased, torn. There are no longer enough elements to renew a driver’s license or there is a difference in identity;
  • Foreign driving license not issued by a competent authority;
  • Vietnamese with a foreign driver’s license with a period of stay in a foreign country less than 3 months and the duration of stay is not suitable for the duration of driver training in the country where the driver’s license is issued;
  • Persons who do not meet the prescribed health standards.

3. Expiry date of Vietnamese driver’s license for foreigners

The validity period of a Vietnamese driver’s license exchanged for a foreigner is consistent with the duration stated in the entry visa. Or temporary residence card, and the validity period of the foreign driver’s license. But must not exceed the expiry date. regulations of Vietnamese driving license.

II. How to convert driving license in Vietnam

According to Clause 10, Article 33 of Circular 12/2017/TT-BGTVT, foreigners or overseas Vietnamese who wish to drive in Vietnam must do the following:

  • If you have a national driver’s license, you must carry out procedures to change it to a corresponding Vietnamese driver’s license;
  • In case an international treaty on driving licenses to which Vietnam is a contracting party contains different provisions, the provisions of such international treaty shall apply.

1. Required documents when converting driving license in Vietnam

Required documents when converting driving license in Vietnam

Required documents when converting driving license in Vietnam

  • An application for a foreign driver’s license change (under the form specified in Appendix 20 issued together with Circular 12/2017/TT-BGTVT)
  • The translation of the foreign driver’s license into Vietnamese is guaranteed by the translation quality of the Notary Public or the Embassy or Consulate in Vietnam where the translator works. The translation must be stamped with a copy of the driver’s license.
  • Passport copy
  • Copy of residence card, residence card, temporary residence card, permanent residence card, papers verifying long-term residence in Vietnam for foreigners.
  • Health certificate (Apply for car)

In case of suspicion, the driving license-issuing agency shall send a written request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Public Security, the Immigration Department of the provincial and municipal Police Departments. Centrally verified.

When coming to carry out the procedure for changing a driver’s license, the driver must take a photo directly at the driver’s license agency and present the originals of the above documents (except for the originals sent) for comparison.

2. Cost for convert foreign driver’s license to Vietnam

There are 2 main types of costs when applying for a driver’s license: the application fee and the prescribed fee. In which, the application fee includes the fee for taking a photo of the card, photo of the profile, certificate of the document…

More specifically, you can refer to each type of published cost as follows:

  • Health certificate: 160,000 VND at hospitals in Vietnam. (Need to prepare a 3×4 photo to paste on the medical examination paper). You can take pictures at the clinic for a cost of 30,000 VND (apply for car driving license)
  • According to the provisions of Circular 188/2016/TT-BTC dated November 8, 2016, the fee for re-issuance and change of driving license is 135,000 VND/time. Thus, it is possible that the total cost to complete the change of driver’s license will not exceed 400,000 VND.

3. Steps to convert driving license in Vietnam

Steps to convert driving license in Vietnam

Steps to convert driving license in Vietnam

Step 1: Prepare all required documents (refer to part 1 above)
Step 2: Submit your application. Submission of documents: send directly to the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam or the Department of Transport (where registered for residence, stay, temporary residence or permanent residence).
Step 3: The working agency checks the dossier
In case the dossier has errors or does not comply with regulations, it will be notified to amend and supplement. The notice period is no more than 3 days from the date of receiving the application
Step 4: Complete the fee
Step 5: Wait for the results. You will receive your converted driver’s license in no more than 7 working days

To avoid language barriers or if you find the procedure too complicated, you can look to service companies to help you with all the procedures to convert your driver’s license. This form will be much simpler and more convenient for you. And in Vietnam today, there are many companies specializing in this service. However, you will have to pay a higher fee than doing it yourself.

Learn the basic information about changing a foreign driver’s license to Vietnam to help individuals wishing to change their driver’s license in accordance with regulations, quickly own a legal driver’s license and feel secure when participating in traffic. communication in Vietnam.

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