Cost of Living

Cost of living in Hanoi can be as cheap or expensive as you like!

House shares across the city can be found from as little as $200.00 per calendar month.

Anything from $200.00-$400.00 will get you a small apartment or studio per calendar month.

Upwards of $400.00-500.00 per calendar month will get you a 1 bedroom apartment is most areas.

As with any city, your budget is the only real ceiling!

General costs of living with regards utilities are also relatively low. Expect to pay anything from $50.00-$100.00 per calendar month on utilities.

Food costs again are massively dependent on the individual. As a rule, anything imported (Western) is expensive, whilst local food is extremely cheap. A decent bowl of pho noodles for breakfast will cost anything from 20,000 vnd upwards. The powerful Vietnamese coffee can be had from around the same price on most streets.