Teaching English job abroad is an amazing opportunity to discover the world and to have a life-changing experience overseas. However, the most difficult part about seeking an English teaching job abroad is deciding where in the world to go and how to come there. The following article will share with you some tips for finding an English teaching job. Please refer to the article to make sure that you will not miss any effective methods below.

Achieving TEFL certified before finding an English teaching job abroad

Get TEFL certificate to teach English abroad

Get TEFL certificate to teach English abroad

Getting a TEFL certificate is a first necessary condition for you if you want to find an English teaching job abroad. When completing a TEFL course and obtaining a certificate, you will be recognized to teach around the world. Also, you will be able to move to another country, explore a different culture and learn more about new skills. Besides, Teaching English abroad is the key to help yourself become strong and overcome obstacles in your life.

Choosing where to teach English abroad

It’s crucial to find a place for teaching English abroad which is suitable for you. You should consider many factors in the country where you want to come such us climate, cost, job opportunities, cultures, customs procedures…

Let’s do some research to analyze carefully before making a decision where you will visit to teach English.


Where is the geographical location of the country you want to visit?

What are typical climates of those regions? What is your favourite kind of weather?


One of the most important things to consider about moving to a new country to teach English is the cost of living at there. Which countries have a low cost of livings? A few countries from Southeast Asia like Vietnam, Thailand, Philipines, … are one of the options you can select. From acommodations to transportation to foods or prices for essential items of these countries are not only very cheap but also full of supplies for you. Moreover, these countries also have a lot of stunning lanscapes for you to travel when you feel stressed at work.

Job opportunities

People from all walks of life are wishing to learn English to intergrate as well as enhancing their job opportunities. That’s why the recuitment demand of teaching English is increasing rapidly.

So, what countries have the highest demand for English teaching job? What is the average teaching salary of these countries?

South Korea, Hungary, Costa Rica, The Czech Republic, Spain and Vietnam is the best countries to teach English abroad. These countries are safe and open to you. The salary for English teaching job is also high. As long as you speak English fluently, you will be more likely to get a good job in these countries.


What is the social, political, and economic picture of the country, and how will this affect you?

You ought to search about safe countries, the locals are hospitable and friendly. They always ready to help you. You can prioritize countries with cultures that are not too different from the rest of the world.

Knowing the culture of your favorite country will make it easier for you to live there, without making silly mistakes.

Customs procedures

You should check the custom procedures of the country which you want to visit to teach English.

Does the country require a visa or not and if so, how difficult is it to get one?

Do you meet the minimum requirements to teach in foreign country?

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Volunteering to teach English abroad

Volunteering activities to teach English

Volunteering activities to teach English

Volunteer as a teacher in your favorite countries will give you a great opportunity to create a connection and relationship with the natives there.  You will be able to access to many job opportunities thanks to the wide acquaintance and network  which you have connected with. You can also ask people who you know through volunteering activities to help you find English teaching job.

Furthermore, if you are lucky to do volunteer teaching activities organized by English center, you will have a chance to be admitted to teach in there if you do your job well.

Get some advices of an experienced person

You can seek advices from others if you feel  it is so hard to find English teaching job abroad.

They may be someone you have known with seasoned experience teaching English abroad or your TEFL teachers.  They will give you the right direction or refer you  to a school or an English center which is hiring an English teacher.

Finding an English teaching job  on websites,  facebook pages of English centers

You can directly search for  English centers in your country.  Besides, you should  find out if the centers has a branch in many countries around the world or not. If yes, you had better  contact them and introduce them  your CV. When they have a need to recruit English teachers in the country which  you want to visit, they will contact you.

Some large English centers present in many countries around the world are: Language Link, British Council, ILA, VUS, American English, Wall Street English, … You can directly visit the websites of these centers or follow the facebook page to receive the latest recruitment notices.

Finding an English teaching job through the best recruitment websites

Finding an English teaching job through recruitment websites

Finding an English teaching job through recruitment websites

One of the most common ways for seeking job  is through job search sites. There are hundreds of  recruitment websites out there, as well as apps, social media channels,  recruiting company websites to choose from.  Here are some popular websites: CareerBuilder , Indeed, LinkedIn, Idealist, Glassdoor, …

There are many job openings related to teaching English posted on these websites. You just need to search English teaching job and the country you want to visit, there will be many jobs for you to choose from.

Nowadays, the development of technology makes it possible to apply and interview online without having to go to the place in person.

Language Link Academic hopes that  the tips we shared above will be useful to you and help you find your dream English teaching  job soon.

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