Vietnam is often considered one of the excellent choices for teaching English abroad. You not only discover great food, warm tropical climate, but also gain teaching experience and good salary. There is a very high demand for learning English throughout this country, which means you have plenty of opportunities to find an English teaching job here. If you want to teach English in Vietnam and are interested in the salary you get for this job, the article below is for you.

The average salary ranges for teaching English in Vietnam

The average salary ranges for teaching English in VietnamThe average salary ranges for teaching English in Vietnam

The average salary ranges for teaching English in Vietnam

Teaching in Vietnam start around $1,300 USD per month. Teachers who have more experience can expect to bring in up to $2,000 USD per month. Your salaries depend on the school you work at. You could work in English centers, public schools, international schools, university or become an English tutor, etc.

English centers: $1,200-1,900 per month

The average salary for teaching English in language centers is about $1200 – $1900 per month for teachers holding a bachelor’s degree along with TEFL/TESOL or CELTA certificates.

You will probably have to go through a training process before taking the class. That’s great, it will give you more teaching skills and experience.

A class at English centers usually has about 10-15 students of different ages. Class division based on their English level. You will be interacted with students, college students, even working people or people older than you in the same class. You could also teach English for Preschool and grade 1 children, etc.

Most of the major English centers have teaching materials and modern teaching equipment available for your teaching. What you need to do is to create new ideas for imparting knowledge to learners, helping them feel that it is interesting to learn English. In addition, they often reward and organize free tours for teachers traveling around Vietnam. Therefore, you will receive very good benefits when teaching English in centers.

You play a role as the face of the English center. In addition to the good curriculum, learners often rate the quality of a center by the teaching style of the teachers. Hence, be friendly and considerate to the students in your English class.

Some major English centers in Vietnam for your reference: Language Link Vietnam, British Council, ILA, …

Public Schools: $1,300-$2,000 per month

The salary for teaching English in Public Schools

The salary for teaching English in Public Schools

An expected salary when teaching English in Public Schools ranges from $1,300-$2000 per month. You will be assigned to teach English lessons for about 45 minutes. It is estimated that teachers will teach around 20 – 25 hours per week, in the morning till the afternoon.

The special thing about Public Schools is that you will teach a rather large and interesting class. It gives you the opportunity to reach out to a variety of students with different personalities. This makes you not feel bored compared to you teach English for a few students. The salary for English teachers in Public Schools may not be the highest, but it brings you valuable experience.

If you wish to get unforgettable memories with local students, you could choose Public Schools to teach English in Vietnam.

International Schools: $1,900-$2,500 per month

If you are seeking for an English teaching job in Vietnam with a high salary, an International Schools will be the best option. The salary ranking of international Schools is quite high, from $1,900-$2000 per month and some include yearly bonuses. However, along with that, they also put quite high requirements on teachers.

All subjects taught here are entirely in English. So, you need to have a high level of professional knowledge in pedagogy. Most of the children studying here have quite good English, they are also smart enough and have their own opinions. Thus, be careful on every piece of knowledge you teach them. That’s a little bit pressure for you. Because any information you share is wrong, confusing or the questions they ask that you don’t have an answer to them, their parents will evaluate low for you. It maybe affects your KPI.

Universities: $1,800 – $2,400/month

Get salary when teaching English at Universities

Get salary when teaching English at Universities

Universities offer between $1,800-2,400 per month, and you only teach during office hours. In Universities, you may have to teach Monday through Friday, even Saturday. Like international schools, the requirements to teach at universities in Vietnam are quite high, especially you must have the specialized knowledge.

You could also choose to teach English, IELTS, … at universities or English centers affiliated with universities. The salary may be slightly lower, but it is not required that you have specialized major.

Teach English in Vietnam by becoming tutor: $30-$100 per hour

As an English tutor, you can negotiate the salary that you want. The general salary range for English tutors in Vietnam is from $30-$100 per hour. You can also arrange a reasonable teaching time with learners.

English tutoring is a job which is flexible in terms of time. However, you need to prepare curriculum. You also feel bored with that. Futhermore, this is an unstable job.

An interesting information for you is that in Vietnam there is usually 1 day for teachers every year. Students and their families often give teachers meaningful gifts. It will be a very significant day for you when teaching English in Vietnam.

Where to find English teaching jobs in Vietnam?

Where to find English teaching jobs in Vietnam

Where to find English teaching jobs in Vietnam

If you want to teach English in Vietnam urgently but don’t know where or how to apply, you can have a look on the website:

There are a lot of full-time and part-time positions to teach English in Vietnam that you may like. There are professional working environment, high salary and attractive benefits for you. Don’t forget to update your CV and upload it to the recruitment page. You will be contacted for the most suitable English teaching job.

Besides, you can follow some English groups for expats on Facebook to get more detailed information about jobs. If you are wondering about the cost of living in Vietnam, please refer to this article: All about cost of living in Vietnam – Updated 2022.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and hope that the article above will be useful for you.