If you are considering teaching English as a career, it’s important to explore the qualities of a good English teacher. Being a teacher, you will have responsibility for passing on your knowledge to the younger generation. Each lesson that you teach them will impact on every aspect of your student’s life, from their classroom learning to their long-term success. One study found that good English teachers are the most crucial factor that contributes to student achievement in the classroom and successful future. You must be wondering if you possess the qualities of a good English teacher or not. The following article will share with you the necessary characteristics of a good English teacher.

So, what makes a good English teacher?

Good English teacher has a certain influence to the student growth

Good English teacher has a certain influence to the student growth

Good English teacher must be confident in their own professional knowledge

Teachers must have a strong knowledge of what they teach in order to answer questions as they come up, offer clear explanations, and adapt to students. Moreover, good English teacher should have good skills, know how to link the knowledge taught in books into practice.

Good English teachers always make sure that the knowledge they impart is accurate and their students can apply it. When you have a solid expertise in the field which you teach, you will be a source of motivation for students to learn on their own.

Good English teacher are passionate and cheerful about bringing knowledge

When you are enthusiastic about instructing English for student, they will listen attentively. The results you get are commensurate with your actions. If you just sit at your desk all day or fail to show interest in your own lessons, your students will feel bored, no motivation to learn.

Besides passion, you should add a little sense of humor in each lesson to make it interesting for students to learn English. Along with that, you ought to create many English word matching games, or communication English, English singing contests, … for students. They will also find it fun to learn and it helps your students absorb the lesson faster.

“A very wise old teacher once said: I consider a day’s teaching wasted if we do not all have one hearty laugh.” – Gilbert Highet

I consider a day's teaching wasted if we do not all have one hearty laugh

I consider a day’s teaching wasted if we do not all have one hearty laugh

Good English teacher listen well and close to their students

Close to all students

Close to all students

A teacher is like a good mother who always care and listen to their students. Every child who learns and thinks differently, has a desire to be understood. They want to do what they like. Therefore, listening is the best way to understand each student. Then, Find the most effective and appropriate method to bring the knowledge to them.  Applying the right learning technical according to students’ personalities will help them achieve their academic performance better.

In addition to, you should also take care of your students, ask them what part of English knowledge they do not understand. And require them do lots of exercises or games to help them improve their knowledge that they are not good or have lost. Your students will find you to share about their learning difficulties, whenever they get in trouble. It makes you become a loving, approachable teacher to your students.

Communicate frequently with student’s parents

Parents have a right to know how their child is doing at school or Is there any problem? A good English teacher will always monitor their students and report to parents any problems or academic status of their child. What is the student’s point of improvement or Is the student keeping up with the knowledge? It helps parents understand their child’s learning situation and give them additional teaching advice.

Good English Teacher focus on collaboration with their colleague

Being an English teacher doesn’t mean you will work alone. You will have tutors, school leaders and other classroom teachers who work with you. So you need to be open and cooperative. You can learn from other educators what you don’t know or improve what you are not good at.. Furthermore, you can also share your strengths with them so that they can learn from you. Working on mutual respect and cooperation not only makes the place you work better and builds credibility with your learners, but also creates a solid foundation, bringing good knowledge to students.

Fair to all students

Good English teacher will fair about the rules and grades in their class. They make sure the procedure are equal and clear with all students. Plus, the English exercises assigned to students are the same and synthesize the knowledge which was learned in class. Ineffective teachers are often unfair when they usually give unreasonable homework assignments for which students haven’t been prepared.

Creating a positive learning environment for students

Good English teacher creates positive learning evironment for their students

Good English teacher creates positive learning evironment for their students

What is a positive learning environment? It’s an environment that doesn’t criticize students for doing English exercises wrong. On the contrary, encourage them, teach them to learn from their mistakes, make them believe they can do better.

An environment full of complaints will constrain student growth, turn them into negative, self-deprecating children. This is against the conscience and ethics of the teacher profession.  An English teacher has a mission to promote the intellectual development of students without putting pressure on them.

Putting too much negativity on students will make them depressed and feel discouraging about the future ahead.

So let’s create a fresh, fun and happy atmosphere for your students.

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The above article has given you a lot of useful things to be a good English teacher, respected by students’ families, and loved by students. If you are lacking in anything to be a good teacher, practice them or sign up for training courses to improve them and enhance your skills.

You should also look back and summarize what makes you become a good English teacher in the process of teaching.

Thank you for your interest in the article and hope that you will be an enthusiastic English teacher with your students.

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