Have you ever been invited to a traditional Vietnamese wedding? Are you curious about what to wear to the wedding party? Or Have you ever been to Vietnam to travel or live and work in Vietnam and happened to see a wedding ceremony? You see unique costumes that mix traditional and modern. And want to learn about its meaning. In this article, we will share with you all the information about Vietnamese wedding costumes.

The meaning of traditional Vietnamese wedding costumes

The meaning of traditional Vietnamese wedding costumes

The meaning of traditional Vietnamese wedding costumes

Traditional Vietnamese culture attaches great importance to marriage. Grandparents often have a saying, “marriage is great”, marriage is an important event in a person’s life, only once in a lifetime. Therefore, Vietnamese wedding dress, the way of wearing socks is not simple, it must be both trendy and suitable for the lifestyle as well as honoring the traditional beauty of the country.

Vietnamese weddings are usually held according to the rituals required by custom. Depending on the region, the ceremony may be different, but the wedding dress is almost the same. Nowadays, Vietnamese brides often prepare both wedding dresses and Western-style wedding dresses. The harmony between the traditional and the modern is also a feature of Vietnamese culture.

Today’s Ao Dai is stylized, more diverse in colors and textures, but still retains the traditional and traditional beauty of the nation. Sometimes, people prefer to see the brides in red ao dai and the pompous groom in men’s ao dai.

Costumes are increasingly innovative and modern due to the mix of western cultures. But Ao Dai is still one of the traditional costumes that couples always choose to wear on their wedding day.  That’s because the Ao Dai shows:

  • Cultural identity and national origin. Cultural beauty dating back thousands of years. Ao Dai is the quintessence of the costumes of grandparents and ancestors. Vietnamese people always wear Ao Dai on important holidays or events of life. According to Vietnamese rites, before the wedding ceremony begins, the bride, groom and their families must burn incense for their ancestors. Ao Dai is an outfit that shows the dignified and discreet. It also exudes the respect and gratitude of children and grandchildren for grandparents and ancestors.
  • Honoring the beauty of Vietnamese people. Especially Vietnamese women. It is not natural that the Ao Dai has become the national dress in Vietnam. Vietnamese women in ao dai are enough to highlight the soft curves and Asian beauty. The wedding dress is just discreet enough to add charm that makes it difficult for anyone to take their eyes off.
  • Wear the symbol of happiness. Usually, the wedding gowns are embroidered with ethnic motifs: bronze drums, cranes, golden dragons… The colors usually chosen are red, pink,… all of them are happy colors. Today’s Ao Dai is perfect in both color and shape, making the new couple stand out and shine at their big event.

Although the Vietnamese wedding costumes is different in each period, it is diverse, imported from cultures around the world, but always has its own color, expressing the national spirit. Through wedding costumes, Vietnamese people show respect, preserve the beauty of their homeland culture and wish for a happy and fulfilling new life.

What should you wear when attending a Vietnamese wedding?

What should you wear when attending a Vietnamese wedding

What should you wear when attending a Vietnamese wedding

If you are invited to a friend or colleague’s wedding in Vietnam. Besides learning about what to do at the party, choosing what to wear is equally important. As in the West and other countries, formal dress is highly valued. But if you want to stand out. Or feel interested in traditional Vietnamese costumes. You can also wear them to the wedding party.

What Vietnamese wedding costumes you should wear

Some popular outfits for men when going to a traditional wedding in Vietnam are usually a suit. Or trousers with a shirt. Jeans and a shirt are also a perfect combination. You can also choose traditional costumes like Ao Dai for men to come to the wedding party. But please remember depending on the time and weather conditions. If you are in Vietnam in a hot color, wearing a men’s Ao Dai can make you feel uncomfortable and unable to fully participate in the party in the most comfortable way.

For women, you can choose some of the following outfits to wear when attending a wedding in Vietnam

  • One-piece dress
  • Fashionable skirts and shirts or tops
  • Dresses and shirts
  • Ao Dai for woman
  • Prom dress or Body dress

In Vietnam, choosing an outfit when attending a wedding is not too difficult. You can choose the type of clothing that you feel most comfortable with, but still elegant, discreet, not too revealing and rude.

What dress you should not wear

What dress you should not wear in wedding

What dress you should not wear in wedding

Choosing what to wear to a wedding is quite simple. But knowing what not to wear to a wedding is even more important. In order for you not to be judged as a rude or ignorant person, it is advisable to clearly define the culture and prepare the necessary information in advance before choosing a wedding dress.

Vietnamese wedding costumes that you should not wear is:

  • Shorts, T-shirts, Slippers. Even if you intend to wear shorts and then wear thin socks underneath to go to the wedding, it is not advisable. Wearing this is only suitable for going out with friends. Be respectful of the guests next to you as well as the host of the party.
  • Loose-fitting blouse. It is a traditional costume of the people of western Vietnam. Only suitable for participating in festival activities and performing arts. Therefore, you avoid confusion and choose as a wedding dress
  • White dress. In Vietnam, this is often the color that symbolizes funerals. So you should not wear all white to the wedding. But let’s combine with many other colors.
  • Sexy dress, outstanding clothes. n the wedding, the bride is the main character. All activities in the wedding always put the bride as the center of attention. Therefore, you should not attract attention to yourself with bright, prominent, visually focused outfits such as red, neon colors or color block outfits.
  • Pants concealer. Clothes that hide pants are very beautiful, very youthful, very attractive, but at the same time, it is easy to cause eye pain. At a party where everyone wants to see the bride and groom, you shouldn’t lose their focus on your hidden legs.

In fact, not only in Vietnam, in many countries around the world, choosing modern, polite and elegant clothes to go to a wedding shows a respectful attitude to the wedding host. Therefore, you can wear the clothes you think are most suitable without being too fussy.

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