Teaching English online is a great option if you are looking to earn extra income at home. For many people, online English teaching is a part-time job that they can do in their free time, for others it’s a main career that allows them to work from home. Anyway, they also have the same question as to how to maximize their salary by teaching English online. The following article will share some tips to help you maximize a teaching English online salary.

Be excellent in English and get TESOL/TEFL certificate

When you want to start earning extra money from teaching English online, you need to prove your knowledge. The first way to show your knowledge is through a degree. Having a TESOL/TEFL certificate is one of the basic requirements if you wish to apply for online English teaching jobs. Without the certificate, you’re going to have a tough time convincing employers that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to teach English online.

So the first thing to do if you want to maximize a teaching English online salary is to have relevant knowledge and qualifications.

Create an attractive CV and show it on job sites

This action helps to proactively present your knowledges, experiences and qualifications. Because many online recruiters tend to find candidates’ CVs through online recruitment websites.

Besides, today there are also many learners or parents looking for teachers themselves without going through recruitment agencies. So actively showing your cv will give you more opportunities to be known.

Register to teach on many English platforms or apps

Maximize a Teaching English Online Salary through English apps

Maximize a Teaching English Online Salary through English apps

A study shows that learners have a tendency to access English learning apps in their spare time. This indicates that you can get a lot of opportunities to make money through online English learning apps or platforms.

You can sign up for an account on English learning platforms or apps and start posting English teaching videos for free. If your video is good and useful, more people comment and rate your video, you will become more known. Since then, when you open an online teaching class, many students will register to be learned and you will have money. Furthermore, many people will come to you to book online classes.

Some apps or platforms that can help you teach English online are: Duolingo, Hello Talk, Grammarly, CamBly, NiceTalk, …

Become a tutor to maximize a teaching English online salary

English tutoring is the most popular job chosen by many online English teachers today. You can teach 1 person or many people at the same time. This is a very flexible job and helps you earn a lot of other income. It only takes 1-2 hours to teach English online like a tutor.

You can tutor many students at different levels and divide time to teach each person appropriately. Not to mention the fact that if you teach well, learners will introduce you to their friends.

When you are diligent, hardworking and persistent in teaching English online like this, you will earn a lot of money monthly.

Make global friends and teach English communication online

Make global friends

Make global friends

Nowadays, it is easier to increase teaching English online salary. You just need to spend a few hours talking to another person and you can earn money. It’s so simple, right?

English learners around the world are looking for native speakers in order to boost their speaking English skills as well as learning more local words. This helps to enhance the job opportunities of English teachers

That’s why you should make a lot of friends, PR yourself on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, … The more friends and followers you have, the higher chances you will be chosen to teach communication English.

Maximize a teaching English online salary by teaching at English Centers or Public Schools

Almost all huge English centers or public schools have a need to recruit part-time online tutors. This type of work is mainly taught in the evenings or weekends. English centers today pay quite high salaries for part-time online English teachers.

If you have free time in the evening or weekend and don’t know what to do. Instead of spending time on social networking sites, register to teach English online for centers to earn extra income.

The most special thing about being a part-time teacher for English centers is that you have a certain and clear information about the knowledge you need to teach students in each lesson. It helps you to avoid wasting time thinking and planning to teach appropriately in each class.

You can search websites or follow Facebook of English centers to update recruitment information.

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Research and negotiate teaching English online salary

Research and negotiate teaching English online salary

Research and negotiate teaching English online salary

It is important to research teaching English online salary in the market. To avoid bargaining wages lower than general needs, you need to study and come up with a suitable pricing strategy.

When you deal a low teaching English online salary, you will have to work more to achieve the income and living needs you want. It makes you put more effort.

Setting an appropriate price to teach English online brings you feel satisfied with your income. Consequently, you had better build a plan for how much money you will earn and your basic living expense. What is your monetization purpose? Then, discuss a decent salary with learners.

Full equipment and network connection for teaching English online

Full equipment and network connection for teaching English online

Full equipment and network connection for teaching English online

In addition to the above mentioned, make sure you have all modern equipment and a good network connection for teaching English online. Because you will probably take many classes to teach online, so ensure that the teaching time runs smoothly.

Whenever you have a technical problem or internet connection, it maybe takes some time to fix it. This affects your time. Sometimes, it makes learners feel uncomfortable and your lectures will not be appreciated and professional.

Language Link Vietnam hopes that the above article will be useful to you and by applying the shared tips, you will be able to maximize a teaching English online salary.