In Vietnam, a Criminal Record Certificate is an important document for job seekers. It shows if a person has had any problems with the law. This certificate is often needed when applying for a job. It helps employers know if someone is trustworthy and responsible. Understanding how this certificate works and its importance can help job seekers secure better opportunities in the workplace. Let’s explore the basics of Criminal Record Certificates in Vietnam and why they matter for job applications.

What is Criminal Record Certificate?

What is Criminal Record Certificate?

What is Criminal Record Certificate?

A Criminal Record Certificate is a document that shows if a person has been in trouble with the law or not. It’s a kind of paper that helps to prove if someone has or doesn’t have a history of breaking the law. This certificate is often needed when applying for jobs or visas to show that a person doesn’t have a criminal past.

The importance of Criminal Record Certificate?

Employment and Job Opportunities:

Many employers ask for a Criminal Record Certificate during the hiring process. They use it to ensure they’re hiring trustworthy and law-abiding individuals. Certain jobs, especially those involving vulnerable individuals or handling finances, might require this certificate.

Visas and Immigration:

When applying for visas or residency in another country, authorities often require a Criminal Record Certificate. It helps the country decide if a person’s history aligns with their laws and whether they’re eligible to enter or stay in the country.

Building Trust and Reliability:

Having a clean Criminal Record Certificate is crucial for building trust. It proves that a person has a good history with the law, which can be essential in professional settings, especially when dealing with clients or sensitive information.

Legal Compliance:

For certain professions, it is legally mandated to provide a Criminal Record Certificate to ensure compliance with safety standards and legal requirements. For example, teachers, healthcare professionals, and those working with vulnerable groups might need to provide this certificate.

How to get a Criminal Record Certificate in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, to get a Criminal Record Certificate, follow these steps:

How to get a Criminal Record Certificate in Vietnam?

How to get a Criminal Record Certificate in Vietnam?

  • Step 2: Click on “Get started” to fill in details like your name and date of birth on the form. Remember, it costs about 200,000 VND for a foreigner in Vietnam to get a criminal record certificate.

Criminal record certificate application form

  • In the documents section, you need to take photos or scans of your current passport and a temporary residence certificate. If you want documents delivered, register for home delivery and give your correct address.
  • Step 3: Finally, check all your details carefully. If everything’s correct, click “Next.” You can also print and sign the declaration.

The processing time for a criminal record certificate is around 10 days.

Validity, Scope & Use cases in Vietnam


  • In the Vietnamese market, the validity period of a Criminal Record Certificate fluctuates, usually lasting anywhere from several months up to a year. This certificate plays a vital role in various job applications, particularly in fields requiring a high level of trust and responsibility.
  • It serves as a reflection of an individual’s recent legal history, ensuring that the information provided is up-to-date and relevant to the current scenario. Employers often request a valid certificate during the hiring process, especially for roles that demand integrity and responsibility.


  • The content of the certificate includes information about any criminal convictions or pending cases.
  • The level of detail within the certificate may differ, and minor offenses might not always be included.

Use Cases:

Use Cases

Use Cases

  • Employers, government agencies for visa applications, educational institutions, and licensing bodies often require a valid Criminal Record Certificate.
  • Specifically, it is often mandatory for professions or programs that involve sensitive information or work with children.

It’s important to note that the requirements and validity duration of the certificate in Vietnam may differ depending on the nature of the application or the organization’s policies. For accurate and updated information, it’s crucial to confirm specific details required by the relevant authority.


  1. What is a Criminal Record Certificate?

    • A Criminal Record Certificate is an official document that provides information about a person’s criminal history or lack thereof.
  2. Why is a Criminal Record Certificate required?

    • Employers, visa-issuing authorities, and educational institutions often require this certificate to ensure the individual has a clean legal history, especially for positions of trust or responsibility.
  3. What information does it include?

    • Typically, it lists any criminal convictions or pending cases. However, minor infractions might not be included.
  4. How can I get a Criminal Record Certificate?

    • The process varies by country. Generally, it involves submitting an application, providing personal details, and may include a fee.
  5. How long is a Criminal Record Certificate valid?

    • The validity period varies by country. It’s typically valid for a specific period, often ranging from six months to a year.
  6. Is the Criminal Record Certificates the same globally?

    • No, it differs from country to country in terms of content, processing, and validity. Different countries may have their own systems and requirements.
  7. Are there any exemptions for minor offenses in the certificate?

    • Yes, some minor offenses or infractions might not be included, especially those with minimal legal consequences.
  8. Can I use a Criminal Record Certificate from one country in another country?

    • Often, you need to obtain certificate from the country where you are applying for a job or visa, as requirements vary between countries.
  1. What happens if my Criminal Record Certificate shows a conviction or pending case?

    • It depends on the employer’s or authority’s policies. Some might request additional information or explanations, while others might disqualify the individual from the application process.
  2. Can I obtain a Criminal Record Certificate for another person?

  • Typically, these certificates are issued to the individual concerned. Obtaining a certificate on behalf of someone else usually requires specific legal authorizations or consent.

In summary, we hope this article has helped you understand how to get a criminal record certificate for teaching in Vietnam. Good luck and stay tuned for more posts!

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