Teaching English in another country is a very unforgettable experience for educators. However, it is not easy to choose the right place and get the job of teaching English that you love. In the world today, there are many places that need to find English teachers, but not all places are uncomplicated to live with. If you are looking for a safe, livable place with lots of beautiful scenery, come to teach English in Vietnam. And don’t worry when you don’t know what is the best English teaching jobs in Vietnam. The following article will help you summarize 7 of the Best English Teaching Jobs in Vietnam.

Why you should teach English in Vietnam

Why you should teach English in Vietnam

Why you should teach English in Vietnam

Vietnam is progressively expanding its position and integrating into the world. Many foreign investors intend to increase more capital in Vietnam. Moreover, Vietnamese young people today are very active. They also eager to learn and want to study abroad, find out many interesting and new things. It creates a huge demand to learn English here. There are many English teaching jobs opportunities for teachers as well.

Vietnam is a safe place and the cost of living is low. You can easily find a nice accommodation to stay at a very cheap price. You will never have to worry about commuting because there are many choices of public transport for you. In addition, this place has many delicious dishes for you to enjoy every day. It’s great, isn’t it?

Vietnam is a place with many splendid landscapes, from the sea to the plains, plateaus, forests and mountains. If you are a travel enthusiast, you should not miss this country. Besides, the locals are very friendly and hospitable, you will feel warmly welcome here. So, don’t be afraid to come to Vietnam to live and work alone, you will soon find many lovely friends here.

So what is the salary for teaching English job here?

The income for English teachers here is very high because the number of people learning English is very large. Besides, the number of foreign English teachers here is not much, so there will be very little competition. Therefore, you will be able to save a huge amount of money while living and teaching English in Vietnam.

7 of the Best English Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

The Best English Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

The Best English Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

Teaching English at English centers

As mentioned, due to the great demand for learning English today, many large English centers across Vietnam are looking for quality teachers to teach. So, you don’t need to bother when you can’t find the teaching jobs here. If you are a native speaker or had an English certificate and good teaching skills, feel free to apply to English centers.

Some English teaching jobs at centers:

  • Full-time or part-time teachers
  • Teaching English to children
  • Developing speaking skills in English to all levels: young learners, teens, adults, …
  • English for TOEIC, IELTS, …
  • English for professionals

Some reputable English centers in Vietnam that you may be interested in: Language Link Vietnam, ILA, British Council, VUS, …

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Teaching English at Public Schools

Teaching jobs at Public Schools

Teaching jobs at Public Schools

Unlike English centers, in publics school you will have to teach a larger number of students. A class can be up to 40 students. Each study program must match the requirements of the school. The school pays great attention to the qualifications and ethics of each teacher. When you want to apply for teaching jobs at public schools, English certificates is not enough, you need to meet a certain level of competency. You had better have a complete profile and a teacher’s degree.

Teaching English in public schools brings you a stable job, high salary and a fresh mind because of always being in contact with children.

So, if you are a person who love children and have a desire to impart knowledge and experience to them, choose public schools to teach.

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English jobs at universities in Vietnam

Currently, universities in Vietnam tend to hire foreign teachers to teach English to students. Furthermore, universities have majors taught entirely in English. Therefore, if you have a professional degree in a particular industry and have additional English teaching certificates, you can completely become a university lecturer.

The students at the university are mostly educated, friendly and studious so you will find a lot of fun when teaching them.

Teaching jobs at university also helps you to enhance your profile and gives you a lot of attractive benefits

English teaching jobs at voluntary organizations

If you are a kind person, always want to help others, especially children, why not applying to volunteer organizations to teach English for poor children in Vietnam?

This teaching job not only helps you have more income, but also shows you that there are many disadvantaged children in Vietnam who are always eager to learn but do not have many conditions to go to school. This is a very meaningful job because each of your knowledge and actions maybe have an impact on children’s development in the future.

English tutor job

English tutoring is a popular job in Vietnam today. Every hour, there are hundreds, even thousands of recruitment posts which are looking for tutors.

There are many diverse jobs involved:

  • Tutor for kids
  • Instructing to do homework for children studying in international schools
  • Teaching IELTS to students
  • Teaching English communication for working people, …

You can apply to be a home tutor or an online tutor and negotiate your salary with learners or parents.

The curriculum is written by you and this is the type of job that is quite flexible time for you.

Online English teaching jobs for applications

Online English teaching jobs

Online English teaching jobs

There are many websites designed by young self-starters with the demand for connecting people who need to learn English in Vietnam with native speakers. Teaching English on application software is mainly communicative English. Because learners want to contact and talks with native speakers, they often search for through these applications.

It only takes you from 1.5 hours – 2 hours to teach communication English through the applications. It helps you to teach many people and earn extra income outside of your main job

Teach English at the house you are renting in Vietnam

Many foreigners who come to Vietnam tend to stay in full-fledged houses or serviced apartments with many other people. What if everyone in your house is the need of learning English? That’s so great. you can open a class to teach English language in the house you live. In Vietnam, there are many types of similar teaching jobs.  This is a good opportunity for you when visiting Vietnam to live and work.

The above article summarizes 7 of the best English teaching jobs in Vietnam. Hope that it brings value to you.