An “A-Z Learning Vietnamese Handbook” would be a comprehensive guide or manual that covers various aspects of learning the Vietnamese language from A to Z. It would likely encompass the basics such as the alphabet, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and cultural insights, organized in an alphabetical order for ease of reference. This handbook could serve as a practical resource for beginners or learners looking for a structured approach to mastering Vietnamese language and culture.

Customized ways to learning Vietnamese

Learning Vietnamese can be done through various channels and platforms. Here are some popular options:

  • Language Centers and Universities: Many universities offer Vietnamese language courses. Look for language departments or international study programs at universities in your area that might offer classes or courses.
  • Online Courses and Apps: Platforms like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Babbel, and iTalki offer structured lessons and interactive exercises for learning Vietnamese.
  • Tutors and Language Exchange: Consider finding a tutor through online platforms like italki or Preply, or even seeking language exchange partners to practice speaking.
  • Local Vietnamese Communities: Engaging with the local Vietnamese community, if available, can provide practical immersion opportunities through cultural events or social gatherings.
  • Books and Resources: Self-study using textbooks, workbooks, and online resources can be helpful. Essential books like “Elementary Vietnamese” by Binh Nhu Ngo and “Vietnamese for Beginners” by Jake Catlett are often recommended.
  • Travel to Vietnam: Immersing yourself in the country will provide a complete language experience. You can take language classes while being surrounded by native speakers.

Choose a method or combination of methods that align with your learning style, schedule, and budget. Consistency and practice are key to effectively learning any new language.

How to customize your learning Vietnamese path?

Customizing your approach to learning Vietnamese can greatly enhance your language acquisition. Here are some personalized methods you might consider:

  • Identify Your Learning Style: Determine if you learn better by listening, speaking, reading, or writing. Focus more on activities that match your preferred style.
  • Set Clear Goals: Define why you want to learn Vietnamese. Is it for travel, work, or personal interest? Tailor your learning around these objectives.
  • Mix Resources: Use a variety of resources such as apps, textbooks, podcasts, and videos to diversify your learning experience.
  • Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is key. Dedicate a set amount of time daily or weekly for learning and stick to it.
  • Immerse Yourself: Surround yourself with the language. Change your phone or computer settings to Vietnamese, listen to Vietnamese music, watch movies, or find language exchange partners.

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Learn Vietnamese though Top 5 Language Centers & Insitutions

ULIS in Hanoi

ULIS in Hanoi

  • ULIS in Hanoi: A school in Hanoi that helps people from different countries learn Vietnamese. They have many different classes for people to choose from.
  • HCMUSSH in Ho Chi Minh City: This school in Ho Chi Minh City teaches Vietnamese to people who want to learn. They have classes for people at different levels – some for beginners and some for people who know a bit already.
  • HCFL in Hue: This place in Hue helps people learn Vietnamese. They have classes that make it easier for people to understand and learn the language.
  • HANU in Hanoi: This school helps people who are not from Vietnam learn how to speak Vietnamese. They have different courses for people at different levels.
  • VLS in Ho Chi Minh City: VLS helps people from other countries learn Vietnamese. They have classes at different times and have smaller groups so it can be easier to learn.

Learning Vietnamese via Top 5 online courses & apps

Duolingo Vietnamese: A Full Review

Duolingo Vietnamese: A Full Review

  1. Duolingo – Learning Vietnamese:

    • Description: Duolingo offers bite-sized, gamified lessons in a variety of languages, including Vietnamese. The app uses interactive exercises, images, and audio to teach vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures.
    • Features: The app covers basic to intermediate levels, allowing users to learn through speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It’s free with the option to upgrade for additional features.
    • Website: Duolingo – Vietnamese
  2. Rosetta Stone – Vietnamese:

    • Description: Rosetta Stone’s Vietnamese course is designed to immerse learners in the language. It uses a unique method emphasizing visuals, audio, and text to help users build a foundation in Vietnamese.
    • Features: The program emphasizes speaking and listening comprehension. It offers interactive lessons, speech recognition, and a structured curriculum. The app is subscription-based.
    • Website: Rosetta Stone – Vietnamese
  3. Pimsleur – Learning Vietnamese:

    • Description: Pimsleur uses an audio-focused method to teach languages, focusing on verbal interaction and speaking. It’s designed for beginners to gradually build language proficiency.
    • Features: Lessons are focused on conversational skills and are audio-based, teaching through repetition and conversation practice. Pimsleur offers comprehensive courses with a subscription model.
    • Website: Pimsleur – Vietnamese
  4. italki – Learning Vietnamese:

    • Description: italki is an online platform connecting learners with language tutors for one-on-one lessons. Users can find Vietnamese teachers or language exchange partners for speaking practice.
    • Features: The platform allows for personalized lessons tailored to individual needs. Users can choose tutors based on their teaching style, schedule, and proficiency level. Lessons are usually paid per session.
    • Website: italki – Vietnamese
  5. Babbel – Learning Vietnamese:

    • Description: Babbel provides language courses focusing on conversation skills, grammar, and vocabulary. It’s designed for beginners to intermediate learners.
    • Features: The app uses interactive lessons to teach practical phrases and dialogue. It focuses on real-life scenarios and offers a variety of exercises. Babbel follows a subscription-based model.
    • Website: Babbel – Vietnamese

Learning Vietnamese via Top 5 Tutors and Language Exchange

Learn Vietnamese with Diem Le - Your Vietnamese tutor from italki

  • italki: On italki, you can discover a variety of language tutors offering one-on-one lessons. You can select tutors based on their expertise, availability, and user reviews. Visit italki to explore Vietnamese tutors.
  • Tandem: Tandem is a language exchange app connecting you with native Vietnamese speakers who want to learn your language. Practice Vietnamese with them and help them practice your language. Check out Tandem here.
  • HelloTalk: HelloTalk is a language exchange platform that allows you to chat with native speakers of Vietnamese who are learning your language. It offers text, voice, and video chat options. Access HelloTalk here.
  • Verbling: Verbling offers access to qualified language tutors, allowing you to find Vietnamese tutors who offer personalized lessons to match your learning style and schedule. Explore Verbling here.
  • Preply: Preply connects students with private tutors for online language learning. You can find Vietnamese tutors and schedule lessons based on your availability. Discover Preply here.

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Learning Vietnamese via Top 5 Local Vietnamese communities

Here are descriptions of places with lots of Vietnamese people where you can learn Vietnamese language:

Little Saigon, California, USA

Little Saigon, California, USA

  • Little Saigon, California, USA: In Orange County, Little Saigon has many Vietnamese people. There are lots of Vietnamese restaurants, shops, and events where you can learn from talking with locals.
  • Westminster, California, USA: Next to Little Saigon, Westminster is also home to many Vietnamese people. There are stores and places to eat Vietnamese food. Talking with people and going to events can help you learn the language.
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: It’s a big city in Vietnam where you can experience the Vietnamese language. Talking with local people and going to markets and events can help you learn.
  • Toronto, Canada: In Toronto, there’s a big Vietnamese community with cultural events. Meeting people and joining cultural festivals might help you learn Vietnamese.
  • San Jose, California, USA: San Jose has many Vietnamese people, with various Vietnamese businesses and events. Talking to people and going to cultural events can help you learn the language.

These places have lots of Vietnamese people, and interacting with them at local events and in daily life can help you learn the Vietnamese language.

Learning Vietnamese via Top 5 Books & Resources

Here are five recommended books and resources to aid in learning Vietnamese:

"Elementary Vietnamese" by Binh Nhu Ngo

“Elementary Vietnamese” by Binh Nhu Ngo

  1. “Elementary Vietnamese” by Binh Nhu Ngo:

    • Description: A comprehensive textbook designed for beginners, covering basic grammar, vocabulary, and practical conversations. It includes exercises and cultural insights.
    • Link: Elementary Vietnamese
  2. “Vietnamese for Beginners” by Jake Catlett:

    • Description: This book is a user-friendly guide for beginners, focusing on practical phrases, grammar, and cultural notes. It emphasizes conversation and essential language skills.
    • Link: Vietnamese for Beginners
  3. “Complete Vietnamese with Two Audio CDs: A Teach Yourself Guide” by Dana Healy:

    • Description: A self-study course covering essential grammar, vocabulary, and conversations. The package includes audio for pronunciation and listening practice.
    • Link: Complete Vietnamese with Two Audio CDs
  4. “Vietnamese-English / English-Vietnamese Practical Dictionary” by Bac Hoai Tran:

  5. “Tieng Viet 123” (Website):

    • Description: An online resource providing free Vietnamese lessons, vocabulary, grammar explanations, and exercises suitable for beginners and intermediate learners.
    • Link: Tieng Viet 123