Are you a native English speaker? Or are you a person who is very good at English? Do you want to use this strength to make money from teaching English online? if you don’t know where to start to earn extra income from teaching English online, follow the article below. We will share with you some secrets to help you to teach English online and make money from it easily.

Get a TEFL certificate

TEFL certificate gives you an opportunity to easily find jobs teaching English both online and offline. This is a globally accepted certification. Most English teachers should have one when they want to start teaching English. You certainly can’t prove to everyone that you’re good at English, you’re skilled at teaching English with words, right? You need a specific proof, it’s your English teaching certificate show.

You can also teach English online without a TEFL certificate, if you become famous and well known or you have previous experience. However, the TEFL certification gives you want a better source of income.

Looking for a reputable platform to teach English online

Looking for a reputable platform to teach English online

Looking for a reputable platform to teach English online

If you do not know where to start looking for an online English teaching job, try experimenting with online English teaching platforms. It’s hard to find an online platform to sign up to teach English for free. Most platforms nowadays require a subscription fee, or pay a percentage if you get an online English class at their website.

Online English platforms are places where English teachers and learners can easily connect with each other. Online English teachers can create their own impressive profile to post on that platform to attract students. You can also search for your own members through those platforms.

Famous online English teaching platforms you can refer to such as Coursera, Kahoot, Preply, …

Join many global volunteer activities to connect or build more relationships

What do you think if you want to expand your relationship by participating in meaningful volunteer activities? Volunteering abroad is becoming hotter than ever and is receiving a lot of response from students, students and working people all over the world. That’s why you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of people, and some of them may become your students later.

Each young person is enthusiastic, energetic and loves international volunteer work. They can meet many international friends, participate in self-development activities and especially have an English communication environment when they participate. How about you? You will have the opportunity to meet many people, introduce or market yourself as an online English teacher. You can also share with them the great knowledge gained in the process of teaching and learning English. How they can learn English better. And don’t forget to let them know about your English courses.

Remember to keep in touch with them after the volunteer trip. In addition, do not forget to take advantage of social networks to make friends with them, their friends or ask them to introduce people who want to learn English communication online for you.

Build your own website, social network about teaching English online

Build your own website, social network about teaching English online

Build your own website, social network about teaching English online

Another good tip for you is to create a website or personal blog to share your knowledge of English grammar, phrasal verbs, how to learn English vocabulary, or how to communicate in English, …

Learners search for new knowledge on google a lot. Therefore, provide knowledge to them through articles published on your website or blog. And at the end of each article please include more information about you and your online English courses. Develop your website to increase interaction and reach a large number of viewers. This is also a way of self-PR for yourself.

Teaching English online gives you a lot of benefits. However, the downside it brings is trust. If learners don’t know who you are, will they trust you to sign up for your English courses? So, the best way to be able to teach English online is to market yourself first.

Let people know you as much as possible. They can know you through volunteer activities, free teaching, or articles, videos sharing English knowledge that you often post on websites, blogs, Youtube or Facebook, Instagram, …

Looking for jobs teaching English online at English centers

Language Centers are great places for English teachers who are looking for a job teaching English online. In order to create favorable conditions for students around the world who want to learn to communicate in English with native speakers, many large centers are opening online communication courses. Anyone can learn and learn from anywhere.

That’s why they recruit many online English teachers to work for their center with very high salaries. This is a good opportunity to bring you many experiences and develop yourself

Take advantage of recruitment sites to find jobs teaching English online

Take advantage of recruitment sites to find jobs

Take advantage of recruitment sites to find jobs

On the website, there are many jobs for freelancers. This is where they can get jobs that match their skills. You can open a free account or pay a fee to upgrade your account.

But why are we recommending you this site? Simply because there are a lot of parents or English learners posting on this website looking for online English teachers. If you want to take a class on you need to comment on the post, write down all your information, the knowledge, experience and skills you have before. The fee they pay you is quite high. You can also negotiate tuition fees if they choose you.

However, you need to stand out from the rest of the freelancers. Only then will you be able to compete with the community of people who are looking for online English teaching jobs on this site.

Teaching English online gives you a very high income. It could be your full-time job or your side hustle. Either way, I hope you can make good use of the tips shared above and quickly build your own online English classes.

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