Becoming an ESL teacher is gradually becoming the current trend. Many people have the desire to be able to become an English teacher. And teach this language all over the world. So do you understand what an ESL teacher is? And what are the requirements to become an ESL teacher? Let Language Link help you answer those questions.

I. What is an ESL teacher?

What is an ESL teacher?

What is an ESL teacher?

ESL stands for English as Second Language. This is an English language curriculum for people from countries that use English as a second language. The goal of these courses is to improve students’ foreign language skills based on the learners’ abilities, interests and needs.

ESL teachers are teachers who teach English as a second language. Learning English as a Second Language (ESL) not only requires the efforts of students but also depends on the teaching methods that teachers use. Each student has unique needs, abilities and goals, so no teaching method is perfect. Therefore, the responsibility of ESL teachers is very great.

This is not just ordinary language teaching. It requires teachers to be dedicated, enthusiastic, caring and understanding to their students. Besides, ESL teachers also need to have smart and appropriate teaching methods to help their students absorb English well.

ESL teachers are people who impart English knowledge from basic to advanced levels to people who want to learn this language. Some of the duties that an ESL teacher needs to take on include:

  • Compose a lesson plan
  • Conveying English knowledge to learners through 4 basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Monitor student progress
  • Design and upgrade the most appropriate teaching methods
  • Share learning resources with students
  • Error correction for learners
  • ……

II. Can become an English teacher without a degree?

Can become an English teacher without a degree?

Can become an English teacher without a degree?

More and more people around the world are wishing to study ESL training programs. Some people learn ESL to improve their English for travel, work, settlement or other social purposes. Others want to learn English to enter English-speaking universities or have been admitted to a study program but have not met the English requirements, … To meet the above demand, more and more students English centers, schools, companies that develop websites and apps to provide ESL programs.

That’s why the demand for ESL teachers with high salaries is increasing day by day. As a result, the level of competition for this job also increases

There are many self-made online English teaching websites that recruit ESL teachers without a degree. However, you cannot judge whether it is a reputable site? If you really want to become an ESL teacher, with a long and stable job, having all kinds of qualifications is very important.

Moreover, reputable English centers, international schools or any other educational organization require their teachers to have a degree. Having a degree helps you prove yourself. When you have value, you will have an income that is commensurate with your ability. A degree is a ticket to help you enter a good teaching environment.

Some popular English certificates are: TESOL, TEFL, TESL, CELTA, TKT, …. You can choose which one best suits your teaching needs.

III. The Road to Becoming an ESL Teacher

The Road to Becoming an ESL Teacher

The Road to Becoming an ESL Teacher

The current job market is very competitive. How can you become an ESL teacher easily? Please refer to the following factors to know what you need to prepare for this job!

1. English level – Prerequisites to become an ESL Teacher

English proficiency is a basic condition and also the most important thing you must have if you want to become an ESL teacher. If you want to impart knowledge to others, you need to possess a solid knowledge. The following skills you need to ensure you excel

  • Pronunciation skills. You need to sound like a native to easily support your students to speak English fluently. In particular, you need to carefully study the origin of English and understand English. And grasp the IPA transcription.
  • Listening – speaking – reading – writing skills. These are four important skills in English. If you want to be an English teacher, make sure you master these skills. It is not enough for an English teacher to not only communicate well. They need to speak in a way that is fluent, understandable, and receptive to students. Because every word the teacher conveys, it is easy for students to imitate the teacher’s expressions, accents, and tone of voice. Besides, you also need to know English grammar and writing ability to guide students on how to come up with ideas for their writing. And more especially, correcting spelling mistakes for students.
  • Appropriate teaching methods. A good ESL teacher does not have to have unique methods of teaching English. Who has teaching methods suitable for learners. Learning with the right route and method will help students make faster progress and be more interested in learning. You also need to learn to be patient, care about learners and always listen to their needs and difficulties in learning English. This is also called an English teacher’s ability to grasp the psychology of learners.
  • Ability to search and collect many learning materials. This is not a requirement, but one of the factors that determines whether you can become a popular ESL teacher or not. Students will be very grateful if you can share information about this learning material with them outside of the classroom curriculum.

2. Degree, Certificates – Important requirements to become an ESL teacher

Just having good English ability is not enough, you also need to have the right degree and certificate to enhance the value of your resume and prove your competence.

As shared above, some types of degrees and certificates that you can refer to include:

  • University degree in pedagogy
  • Pedagogical certificate
  • TESOL : Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • TEFL: Teaching English As A Foreign Language
  • TESL: Teaching English As A Second Language
  • CELTA: Certificate in English Language Teaching To Adults
  • TKT: The Teacher Knowledge Test

3. Teaching experience – Brings you a better income

Teaching experience is not a requirement when you want to become an English teacher. But, accumulating those experiences helps you gain valuable lessons in the process of becoming a professional ESL teacher.
You also have a lot of contact with the teaching profession to know what you need to improve. A good teacher is a teacher who is constantly upgrading, updating their knowledge and imparting what they know to their students.
Teaching experience makes it easier to negotiate a higher salary. And have the opportunity to work in better positions.

Hopefully, through the above article, you have better understand the profession of ESL teacher. As well as know the important requirements required to become an ESL teacher. Wish you soon success on your path to becoming an ESL teacher.

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