Vietnam is a country with diverse culture and friendly people. And more especially, the cost of living is quite cheap. These things make Vietnam become a country that is being loved by foreigners. And so are opportunities for teachers who are looking for experience teaching English abroad. If you are wondering why you should look for English teaching job in Vietnam, this article is for you.

Cost of living in Vietnam

When it comes to a country with a low cost of living in the world, it is impossible not to mention Vietnam. You can find a comfortable place to stay, a beautiful and high-class apartment for just an affordable price. All expenses in Vietnam are within reasonable price. From travel expenses, meals, vehicles, entertainment or other living expenses.

Why is the cost of living in Vietnam so cheap?

You may not know, the Vietnamese government is especially interested in the lives of Vietnamese residents. Vietnam is also one of the countries coming up from the war and on the momentum of economic development. Therefore, the Vietnamese government always creates the best conditions for the people. Especially supporting foreign businesses to invest in Vietnam, creating many jobs for people, supporting people in all aspects of living costs. All living expenses must be below the average income of Vietnamese people.

Vietnam is also a happy country in the world. That’s why you will surely be very satisfied when you come to Vietnam and look for an English teaching job in Vietnam. You certainly won’t have to worry about the cost of living, and you can save a good amount of money in the process of teaching English in Vietnam.

Explore diverse cultures when looking for an English teaching job in Vietnam

Explore diverse cultures when looking for an English teaching job in Vietnam

Vietnamese culture is very diverse, integrating with all cultures around the world. But still bring the unique characteristics of Vietnamese culture. Vietnamese culture is very integrating with all cultures around the world. But still bring the unique characteristics.

Culture is created by customs, habits or special dishes and people. When you come to Vietnam and work, you will find that there are many public holidays in a year. Every holiday has many different activities for you to participate and experience.

People make a lot of delicious food on these special occasions. On weekdays, you can also freely try famous Vietnamese dishes. Vietnamese dishes are famous all over the world but the price is also very cheap. If you crave Korean, Japanese or European food, there is no shortage of restaurants selling foreign dishes in Vietnam.

Vietnamese people are among the friendliest people in the world. They always warmly welcome guests from other countries. They even let you sleep over, or invite you home to eat and drink.

Many opportunities to find an English teaching job in Vietnam

Many opportunities to develop your career in Vietnam

Many opportunities to develop your career in Vietnam

Vietnamese people’s demand for learning English is increasing day by day. Many English centers or universities are recruiting a large number of English teachers from abroad. The purpose is to give them the opportunity to interact and communicate with English more. You can look for many opportunities to teach English in Vietnam.

Some English teaching jobs in Vietnam are:

  • English teachers at English centers in Vietnam
  • Teaching English at international schools and universities
  • Online English teachers on apps
  • English tutor
  • Open your own English teaching class

In addition, some businesses in Vietnam are also focusing on employee development. They always create conditions for employees to have the opportunity to learn and develop themselves. Therefore, they always invite highly experienced professionals or collaborate with businesses in the training industry. Some staff skills are learned such as: language, communication, problem solving, time management, yoga, meditation, etc.

This is a great opportunity for you. You can contact them or find a job a these people training companies.  However, to get noticed, you need a perfect profile. You need a degree, TEFL certificate or other skills and experience to stand out.

The salary for foreigners working in teaching English is very high. Along with many other attractive benefits. Definitely won’t let you down.

Does not require too much experience with English teaching job in Vietnam

Teaching English in Vietnam usually does not require too much experience. You just need to be a person with good foreign language skills and the ability to transfer knowledge to be able to get a job teaching English in Vietnam.

As mentioned above, there are many job opportunities in Vietnam. The salary is also very good. It also depends on your level. But in general, it is very easy to get a job teaching English in Vietnam even though you don’t have much experience or are a brand new English teacher.

However, it also depends on where you apply. If you want to add value to yourself, deal a higher salary and get better benefits, you can look for more opportunities to gain experience.

Explore the beautiful scenery of Vietnam

Explore the beautiful scenery of Vietnam

Explore the beautiful scenery of Vietnam

Vietnam has many beautiful scenes. Some of them are recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritages. Vietnam’s beautiful scenery is famous all over the world. Vietnam’s nature is harmonized by the beauty of both ancient and modern, making travelers nostalgic.

If you feel pressured by the English teaching job in Vietnam, take a few days to explore the landscape in Vietnam, stretching from south to north. If you want to immerse yourself in the cool blue water of the sea, come to Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Quy Nhon, Vung Tau, etc. If you want to see ancient beauty, visit Hanoi, Hoi An, etc. If you want to explore the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests, book a ticket to the northwest, Ha Giang, Da Lat, Sapa, etc.

If you are a trekking enthusiast, there are always groups, or trekking tours every weekend for you to join. There are many beautiful natural scenes during trekking. Some mountains you can trek are Ta Nang, Ba Den, Cuc Dong, Fansipang, Langpiang, etc.

The cost of visiting tourist attractions in Vietnam is very cheap. You can also learn more about the culture of the regions, meet many new friends and keep a lot of good memories in Vietnam.

Get involved in meaningful activities

There are many non-profit organizations in Vietnam looking for volunteers who want to experience meaningful activities and help people overcome their difficult circumstances. If you are a volunteer enthusiast, you can sign up to participate.

Some activities when volunteering in Vietnam are: building schools for poor places, providing food, water, and clothes for disadvantaged households, teaching children in upland areas. Doing volunteer work not only helps those less fortunate than us, but can also give knowledge to help them change their lives. This is a very meaningful job, bringing high value to you. Where you can open your heart.

Who knows, it helps you meet partners and employers that can be beneficial in finding English teaching jobs in Vietnam.

So we have shared with you the reasons why you should look for a job teaching English in Vietnam. Hope they are useful to you and will be a great source of motivation for you to find a good job in Vietnam.

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